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We are all one, and this website, like all of us, is in                a state of continual                              growth        and                                         expansion


Hey there and welcome to my website! My name is Megan Kennedy, author of the upcoming book "Being Force Sensitive".

It is my honour and joy to be sharing with you the information and insights I've gathered over many years. This topic is vitally important to me, and from the time I was diagnosed as a child, I knew it would be my life's mission to pass on what I learn. Whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD, you're a parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD, you have heard the symptoms of ADHD described and exclaimed "whoa, that's me!", you're an educator, or anyone else really, my wish is that this work touches you in some way. Everything posted here on my blog is intended to help you to view yourself (or your child, etc.) in a new light... and to view the disorder of ADHD itself in a new light. Far beyond the outdated concept of covering up symptoms with pharmaceutical medications, here we will be delving deeply into the underlying layers of what has been referred to as a Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We are going to discover what is really going on, from an East meets West perspective. We will also explore what we can do about it, including wellness rituals and reprogramming our energy and very way of being. In doing so, we can both heal our symptoms and bring forth our strengths - reclaiming our power.

You are so much more than the limiting box of your diagnosis. It's time to break free.